Collaboration with IBA’s Go-Green Society’s Cultural Festival

Events | December, 2018            Thal Packaging partnered with IBA Go Green Society’s Cultural Festival which highlighted the goals of preservation of nature and sustainability. Active participation with respect to plantation of seeds was witnessed in the event where members of the Go Green Community and Thal Packaging employees facilitated participants […]

Mangrove Tree Plantation at WWF Wetland Center

Events | March, 2018       Thal Packaging collaborated with WWF to plant a 100 mangrove trees at the WWF Wetland Center. The team also learned about the importance of mangroves to the eco system and experienced nature from a unique perspective after visiting the surrounding mangrove forest. This was followed by a beach cleaning […]

Tree Planting Activity in Collaboration with Lucky Cement and WWF

Events | April, 2018         Thal Packaging collaborated with our long-time customers Lucky Cement as well as WWF-Pakistan, to plant trees at Lucky Cement’s factory. This activity further strengthened the roots of friendship between the participating stakeholders.

Participation in The PrintPak Exhibition at the Expo Centre

Events | November, 2017        Thal Packaging participated at the PrintPak Exhibition organized at the Expo Center. The company took this opportunity to reach a wider audience and connect with other suppliers, manufacturers and competitors from the print/paper industry. Thal Packaging also distributed tree saplings in eco-friendly paper bags to enhance its image […]

Team Building Activity at Arabian Sea Country Golf Club

Events | October, 2017         Thal Packaging organized a two-day team building activity at the Arabian Sea Country Golf Club. The program featured representation from the Head Office as well as both Hub and Gadoon factories, and featured exercises focusing on strategic thinking and team building. The event was capped off with a […] slot rujak power of ninja slot