Jute Retail Bags

At Thal Jute, customers, both big and small, can expect world class Jute Carry Bags carefully crafted with the latest technology and detailed to their very specifications. A rich history in fabricating Jute products has allowed us to better understand the need for sustainable packaging products and we aim to help you carry about your business conveniently and responsibly. Our Carrier Bag range is rich with options. Designs as per your instruction can also be created with ease.

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    Environmental Friendly

    Jute is the answer to minimizing environmental impact with its eco-friendly, recyclable and 100% biodegradable composition.


    Jute Carrier Bags are known for their strength and durability


    Jute Products can be enjoyed and re-used for many years to come.


    All bags are customizable as per brand requirements of the customer including a variety of handles, colors and accessories.