Industrial Sacks

Industrial paper sacks meet the highest performance standards while at the same time represent a sustainable packaging solution for a wide range of industries.

All types of paper sacks are designed for efficient filling and protected from dust, moisture and other environmental factors during transportation and storage. These paper sacks may be additionally lined with polyethylene film for extra moisture-proofing. Our extensive product portfolio ranges from simple open-mouth to pasted valve sacks

  1. Valve Industrial Sacks: These are closed sacks suitable for high-speed filling through the nozzles of filling machines.

  2. Open Mouth Industrial Sacks: These bags are open from one end and pasted/sewn from another end; mainly used in Hopper Filling Systems.


  • Economical and Environment Friendly.

  • Our industrial sacks may be used with various types of equipment for automatic or manual filling.

  • Open bags may have option with PE lining for moisture proofing and sanitary protection, especially for milk powder.

  • Valve and open bags help ensure optimally shaped pallets, due to sturdy bag constructions.

  • On-time Delivery.

  • Based on the customer’s requirement, various bag sealing options may be employed, such as stitching, or gluing.

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